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Welcome to this great opportunity to gain extra exposure. Have something relevant to give to readers of meditation, self help and spiritual books? I’m doing a four year anniversary re-launch of Oceanic Mind – The Deeper Meditation Training Course. This is a chance to show what you have to offer to readers. Here’s the lowdown.

  1. Find something of value to give during this book launch. It can be a free audio download, ebook, etc. Something that can be redeemed online instead of shipped and something people will really appreciate once they get their hands on it (although, if you really want to ship something, go ahead). It must have some “meat” to it and actually help people. Give it your best so that people come back for more as customers or clients. If you already have something made, that’s great.
  2. Provide a link to a landing page where people can pick up this free gift.
  3. Send me a brief description of what readers are getting along with this link. Give it your best elevator pitch. Make it compelling so that people will make sure to get it. It should be the shortest you can make it while still doing it justice, so don’t gip yourself either.
  4. Describe who you are in a similar short text.
  5. Also include estimated value of whatever it is you’re giving away. Don’t say priceless. This shows the reader that this is something that most would pay for because it will greatly improve their lives.
  6. On launch day, you tell the people on your mailing lists and social network sites about the launch. I’ll provide text copy to make things easier for you. In emails, you can provide helpful content and include it at the end if that works best for your audience.

You can hide your landing page from search engines by setting it to “no index”. That way no one will just happen to come across it in searches. Also, if you need to create something first, no problem. You can send it in a later email.

Keep it available for at least one week. I’ll tell everyone that there are no guarantees that  download links will be active after a week.

My email is or

In case you want a feel for what this book is about, you can visit its Amazon page at

This title had spent a considerable number of time being #1 in 2-3 categories in the Kindle store. The book focuses on providing meditation techniques and mind body exercises plus all the tricks for making meditation much easier for everyone, especially busy people. Note: A recent review about “bad English” and spelling errors is an outright lie, so don’t worry about quality issues in this work. It wouldn’t be for sale if that was the case.

Thank you much for joining in on this,

Tom Von Deck