Meditation Books by Tom Von Deck

This is the Books page. I’ve written books. They are not currently available. My most relevant offerings now can be found on this website, on YouTube, and elsewhere. I’ll become an “author” again later and start fresh with that. 

However, scroll down and check out what’s below. 

The Deeper Meditation Audio Course

The Deeper Meditation Audio Course is the 400 minutes (6hr 40 min) long.

It’s 65 MP3 files in a zipped folder. 138 total Megabytes. Higher bitrates are available if you ask.

UPDATE: I have dropped the price to $17 USD for a short time. After this, it will only be available as a library within an online group coaching program. 

You can order the audio course securely using the button below. Instant download.

There’s a full money back guarantee in case you’re disappointed for any reason.

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“Hi Tom, your meditation audios are astonishing. Thank you. It’s the best media-based meditation course I have ever seen — and I’ve seen a lot of them. It’s simple, elegant, effective. Your explanation is honest and authoritative.”

– Andre Nasser, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil via Facebook

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